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Urban Meyer unimpressed with Florida's first half

Posted on: September 4, 2010 1:46 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The good news for Florida: they lead Miami University 21-6 at the break. The bad news: virtually none of Florida's advantage has been the result of their offense, and Urban Meyer is acutely aware of this.

Leaving the field at halftime, Meyer told the sideline reporter that Florida's first half was "about as bad as we've ever played around here." Meyer said the offense needed to change "everything," and said they'd only gained 14 net yards on the half.

We'll just point out that the Florida offense gained 32 yards in the first half, and even if Meyer includes penalties, Florida accounted for 16, not 14, net yards. But that is the nit-pickiest of the nit-picky, and Florida's rivals must be salivating at seeing such an inept offensive performance against a mediocre-at-best Miami defense in the first half.

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Urban Meyer unimpressed with Florida's first half

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Urban Meyer unimpressed with Florida's first half

 That is an understatement.  first let me give props to ..... well .... noone.  Just awful if you continue to play this way its going to be a long, long, long year. offense, defense,special teams, coaches, play calling adjustments everything was horrible.  And certainly Brantley cant get in pocket wondering if he has to get a baseball glove to field the snaps from center. why in world would you have him( Pouncey)pulling and snapping which by they way wasnt working. Rainey not doing it for me. the one good long pass brant threw the reciever expects it just to fall in his hands with the db that close,go up and get it. and your o line got whipped all day long. Elam played well enough but I think you need him in the backfield. (offense) coaches have to adjust to the players they have or recruit the ones that can handle it. Maybe you ought to hire Mike leach as you offensive coordinater  or someone that can call plays better. I mean there stacking the front and your trying to run short plays go downfield slants crossing routes, loosen them up and maybe you can run. That was the most unprepared team I have ever....ever seen at UF.  Lackluster, no enthusiasm, and for god sakes let the kicker kick the ball in the end zone for the last three years your giving the other team the ball at and average of the 32 yd. line that stinks.  If you dont start putting men on the field your boys are gonna get killed. When leak was there you won because you adjusted for the players you have you better do it soon or its gonna be a long season. If the o line keeps throwing those lookout blocks well I hope you have alot of backs cause the ones you have now and gonna be over at Shands recovering. I Love Gator football but i am not one of those that tells you a painting is good if its not and your stick figures stink. wake up before your next game or USF is gonna whip you.

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